This new feature is a fortnightly share of educational aspects which have been of interest to me.

Each fortnightly post will feature a combination of the following:

  • Blog posts
  • EdTech news
  • Educational resources
  • Hashtags to check out
  • Leadership focuses
  • Pedagogical strategies
  • Podcasts
  • SEND focuses
  • Twitter chat recommendations
  • Well being focuses

So, my first Fortnightly Round Up are the following:

Blog posts:

I came across the blog by Sarah Larsen (@sarahlarsen74) as part of Teacher Tapp’s (@TeacherTapp) ‘Today’s tips’ on their app.

The aesthetics immediately struck me, as I have a natural preference for light coloured fonts on dark backgrounds. The term ‘Cognitive Load Theory’ may not automatically entice an educator into reading more. Sarah shared her own experiences of how it helped to adapt her teaching practice in  a clear and concise manner. It was fascinating to read.

Hashtags to check out:

Since Monday 4th November 2019, I have been running a daily #teacher5aday #slowchatnotice in readiness for National #teacher5aday week (2nd December 2019 to 6th December 2019).

Wednesday’s question stimulated discussion around the ways in which school leaders can help to prevent mental workloads during intense periods in the school calendar.

This is where I learnt about the hashtag #ReduceWork

I would recommend checking it out for the suggestions, resources and strategies shared to reduce the workloads of educators across the UK.

Pedagogical strategies:

This is another blog post and strategy shared via @TeacherTapp. This 1 minute post highlights ways in which the author effectively maximises their use of multiple choice questions.


Sophie Bailey is the founder of the @PodcastEdTech.

I have been listening to Sophie’s podcasts for years and have even been featured on a few. This week saw the launch of her new series ‘What Matters in EdTech’ and focussed the conversations upon inclusion and SEND. This worthwhile episode simultaneously serves as an opportunity for professional development as there are many suggestions of the role of technology to help improve learning outcomes for SEND students.

Twitter chat recommendations

Thursday 8pm (GMT) is when the chat discussions via @ukedchat (#UKEdChat) takes place.

The discussion on Thursday 7th November 2019 was unusual because it focussed upon teacher finances and posed some interesting questions.

Check out the link below for an overview of #UKEdChat session 478: