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We all cope with uncertainty in different ways, don’t we? 

We can quickly lapse into default patterns of behaviour whenever we feel insecure, anxious or stressed. 

That’s I believe and still do, to a certain degree…

What I had not anticipated was how I would respond to The Virus which is now in the UK and more prevalent in London (I will spare everyone from my thoughts / rants regarding London based defiance during the weekend in response to the simple message Stay At Home…!).

As I explained in my Day 1 #DailyWritingChallenge blog, I was unwell last week and I think this is what brought my resilience levels right down

Since last week, I have been:

*weepy for a few days

*sleepy for a few days. 

*struggling to focus and be productive 

*feeling irritated through out…! 

This is not how I expected myself to respond especially as I had to get things in place for the distant learning of my students and operate from a strategic view point as a senior leader in self isolation.

Where was my enthusiasm? Where was my joie de vivre? 

Sunday was the first day I actually felt like myself.

Did some indoor exercises.

Virtually chatted to members of my nearest and dearest.

Kept on top of Twitter interactions.

Really got into the City Homicide series that I stumbled across on Amazon Prime and so on.

The following day, I could barely get out of bed and stay awake…! During the day, I had some chocolate much to the surprise of some in my household, who asked ‘I thought you weren’t having any sugar?’. I tersely replied ‘These are stressful times!”. 

I could not understand nor explain the lethargy I was experiencing. It was particularly frustrating, because I needed to get things done

When I looked online in how to define resilience, I found the meanings below:

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It slowly dawned on me, that maybe, this is part of my body’s resilience preparation i.e. initially absorbing energy and resting. 

Many of us are repeatedly advising each other to take each day as it comes. 

In addition to that, I would add: be kind to yourself and do whatever you can in order to bounce back stronger.