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One of the great things about this lockdown is that it has helped me to really scale back and prioritise on the things that matter.

Before the 21 day lockdown period was imposed on the evening on Monday 23rd March 2020, I was mentally planning some of the things that I would do in order to keep myself busy and implement some of the things I have always wanted to do.

Reality is completely different to anything that I imagined!

As I had mentioned in previous blogs, I did not anticipate how I would react to the uncertainties that this particular period of time brings. 

I did not anticipate the physical impact my reactions would have i.e. becoming run down with another cold sore inside of four weeks…

Nor did I anticipate that it would be the simple things, rather than elaborate plans that would help form the basis of my self care as I adjust to this new way of normal…

My self care now includes:

  • daily catch ups with many members of my collective nearest and dearest
  • time on Twitter before my ‘distance learning’ school day begins at 9.30am
  • laughing 
  • taking time to do some indoor exercise first thing in the morning
  • listening to poetry recited throughout the day on Radio 4
  • short bursts of decluttering 
  • spending time to plan for meals 
  • cooking the meals I have planned
  • regularly drinking large mugs of tea
  • nabbing online shopping slots which suddenly appear!
  • laughing with one particular friend about our online shopping experiences
  • switching off from anything related to my school’s distance learning at 6pm
  • late afternoon  / early evening naps
  • slowly making my way through a long Australian series care of Amazon Prime
  • lighting my scented tealight candles and switching on my colourful fairy lights at night
  • time to pray
  • getting to bed before midnight
  • being grateful for the small things

In time, I hope to make a start on one or two of the things I had actually planned to do. 

For now, I’m savouring the small things.